About Prime

 Who We Are:

Prime is a rapidly growing brand in Iraq, distinguished by its specialized services and innovative solutions. Prime, who is listed at Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and licensed by General Company for Postal Services and Savings, located in Baghdad. Its strategic location in the capital facilitates customized logistics solutions across Iraq, serving a growing base of companies and individual clients.

Services Offered:

Prime offers more than traditional delivery services, it offered:

  1. Providing comprehensive logistics services including parcel transport between provinces.
  2. Handling of receiving, packaging, storage, transportation, and delivery.
  3. Providing interest-free financial loans and free business consultations for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  4. Handling free return of goods to clients’ premises.
  5. Daily collection of payments to ensure customer rights.

How We Work

Prime adapts its staff and directs its capabilities to quickly adapt to labor market developments and address any delivery or customer issues. Emphasizing technology, Prime enables customers to stay informed about their shipments, accelerates accounting processes, and simplifies delivery at all stages.

Delivery Process Summary:

  1. Customers create shipments using the Prime application.
  2. A representative is assigned to collect shipments from the customer’s location or warehouses.
  3. Shipments are transported to Prime’s distribution centers across provinces.
  4. Delivery is completed by representatives to customers’ recipients.
  5. Customers are notified via the application about delivered and returned shipments.
  6. Comprehensive shipment management via the application with immediate payment collection.
  7. Daily returns to customers without delay.

Prime has quickly established itself as a leader in the Iraqi market by leveraging modern technology to serve customer interests effectively.

Prime’s Future:

Prime has instilled a culture of innovation, resourceful methods, and solutions among its workforce. It is steadily expanding within the local market to become the top provider of comprehensive logistics services in Iraq. Furthermore, Prime aims to enter the Arab and international markets while maintaining its Iraqi identity and operating within legal